I think I’m becoming something I used to hate – an Apple-hater. Ironic as I type this on my beautiful MacBook Air…

Hate is such a strong word though, and for me it’s more an Apple-meh-er. For example, I used to get excited about the annual WWDC which gave glimpses into the future. I used to follow live from work when I could get away with it, hitting F5 to stay up to speed (I never trust those live feed sites, I always think it’s not working – kind of like hitting the Close Door button on an elevator I guess).

Anyway, this year seems underwhelming to say the least, as they play catchup once more. Opening up Siri to the development community is the only thing of note, but Siri never understood me anyway. Alexa on the other hand, now she gets me!

Then I get an email about Swift Playgrounds for the iPad. Now this looks interesting and might be a real time killer if they get it right. Apple – I haven’t given up hope!




Je ne regrette rien


So it’s about two months since I gave up my iPhone and “switched” to the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. At first there was a definite detox. While the iPhone offered a simplistic user interface and experience, when I got my hands on the Galaxy I didn’t have a clue what to do with it, it all seemed so confusing. The beauty of the iPhone was there was no manual. Actually the same was true with the Galaxy, but I sorely needed one. Luckily the interweb was available with tons of articles and features about the Galaxy, along with several sites dedicated for those people, like me, making the leap.

Why did I switch? Well to be honest I was just bored with my iPhone. I was in the market to upgrade and I spent months deliberating on the 6 versus 6plus. One day someone was showing off his new Galaxy and I asked to play around with it because I had heard the camera was pretty good. I was initially stunned with the additional modes that were on offer, and once I tried the “Virtual shot” I was pretty much sold.

Two months later, and I’m really happy with the Galaxy. It feels like the toy with loads more to explore (the same feeling I had when I got my first iPhone 3G) and I still think there are options I’m missing out on because I haven’t discovered them yet. I’ve now got it pretty well configured with the widgets I want. Yes, it was painful getting my contacts across, and my iTunes content migration to Google took some time to research. Ditto photos. I’ve lost FaceTime and a few other Apple only apps but I can’t say I really miss them now. Some apps don’t work as well on the Galaxy imho (are you reading this Waze?) but to my surprise, some are much better (Keep versus iPhone’s Notes).

All in all, the switch took work, but it was fun work if you’re into that sort of thing. If you’re like me, and a bit bored with iPhone, the Galaxy is well worth a look.